"Women shouldn’t be paid the same as men."

"Women’s sports doesn’t matter."

"She shouldn’t have been dressed like that."

"There can’t be a woman president, what would happen when she gets a period?!"

"A man shouldn’t put his hand on a woman, but—"

"There is no double standard, it’s just a woman’s fault that she—"


*Ray Rice knocks out his wife, Adrian Peterson abuses his 4 year old son, Jonathan Dwyer breaks girlfriends nose and hurts 1 year old son*

"Ya’ll want equality so much, why aren’t you talking about Hope Solo???"

"How is the Hope Solo case different than Ray Rice?"

"Why is the media not talking about Hope Solo, too? This is inequality!"

"Hope Solo is just as bad, but since she’s a woman, no one cares."

"These guys at home & Hope Solo is still playing. Double standard."

"Woman are all equal rights until you bring up Hope Solo’s case."




Alex frustrated after missing a goal … awww sweety :P


Alex frustrated after missing a goal … awww sweety :P

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How much further up do the sleeves need to be?

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"Initially I took a very defensive stance, but then after seeing the quotes and thinking about it, I think that she’s entitled to be able to say those sort of things. I think we became friends when we were in Portland, and I think there is maybe a mental block that the Germans have against us, because they have not beaten us in many years.
So maybe that is her way of trying to help out her teammates and ease them into the next game against us. I’m not sure, but I think it was more of a media move than what she really feels. I felt like we got along really well in Portland, so I obviously respect her very much, and I’m looking forward to playing them just to see how much that mental block has gone away."

— Alex Morgan on Angerer’s comments (x)

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"A road— ­I mean, from where I started, which was basically with no name, to where I am now, where I feel like I’m starting to have a name, like I feel valuable to the team— that I actually contribute something."

Becky Sauerbrunn, 2012

Three words that would describe your journey from first being called to camp to becoming an Olympian?

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